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Yes, the primitive reality of Jews being indiscriminately butchered just because they are Jewish continues literally today, when blameless Jews wrapped in prayer shawls and tefillin were viciously. occupation of the West Bank, which is.

The former manager of Iowa kosher slaughterhouse Agriprocessors Inc. is accused of defrauding a St. Louis bank and, if convicted. said Rubashkin showed him last week how to apply the tefillin, the black arm bands attached to Torah.

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JERUSALEM – The entire Tel Aviv area will be sealed off next Monday to protest the planned pullout from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, the anti-disengagement. including tallit and tefillin, two sheets, towels, whites, clean clothes,

MEZUZAH & TEFILLIN BANK Girls & Boys, need a Mezuzah for your dorm or apartment? Boys, need a pair of Tefillin? We will arrange to get them for your use

Tefillin Order Form. If you have already been approved for a grant through the Tefillin Bank, please fill out the form below. To apply for a grant, contact your.

The 13 men read from the Torah and donned tefillin in keeping with the tradition that signifies their transition from boys to men. A number of the survivors cried during a funeral prayer sung by European Jews to commemorate the Holocaust,

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"The government will go on," said Franklin Sabes, 61, who donned tefillin and a prayer shawl for the routine. During a helicopter tour of the West Bank settlements, Sharon declared to the crowd that Israelis were settling the hilltops of.

Would you or someone you know would agree to wrap Tefillin every weekday and needs a pair of Tefillin? We will provide a pair free of charge!

31 janv. 2017. En juin 1967, alors que le tout jeune état d'Israël était cerné par une coalition de cinq états arabes, la tension dans le monde juif était palpable. Moins de vingt ans après la Shoah, trois millions de Juifs étaient menacés d'être « jetés à la mer » par des armées puissantes et déterminées. L'angoisse était à.

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Tefillin Bank The Kushner International A Project Of The Seryl And Charles Kushner Family Foundation is a Trademark by Keren Peulos, the address on file for.

Apply for a grant from Chabad on Campus' Tefillin Bank and partner with us as you take on this exciting and important mitzvah.

BEIT EL, West Bank (AP) — President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador. Beit El resident Daniel Aviya, who makes religious phylacteries called Tefillin, said he thinks Friedman will make an excellent ambassador. He described.

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BEIT EL, West Bank — In a modern building of beige and black stone. Yishai Babad was in the ninth family to arrive, and he set up a factory that makes tefillin — small leather phylacteries containing verses from the Torah. He said.

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Learn about the mitzvah of tefillin, instructive demonstration and tefillin. Feb. 10 Lake County’s Women’s Club: 10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10, State Bank of the Lakes, 50 Commerce Drive, Grayslake. A social club welcoming all area women.

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The group said the highlight of the find was the head tefillin, a small black capsule containing a handwritten parchment scroll with the "Hear, O Israel" verses from Deuteronomy. Pious Jewish men are obliged to wear tefillin during their.

What is a student to do when he wants a pair of Tefillin but just can’t afford it?

New Endeavor In Russia: Tefillin Bank For Jews Who Are Still Without Tefillin. By Staff Reporter Posted on 07/13/17 | News Source: YWN. With the conclusion of the.

The Ichikowitz Family International Tefillin Bank. The International Tefillin Bank was founded and funded to further a revolutionary vision, simple at its core but breathtaking in scope. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, launched the global Tefillin campaign in 1967, just days prior.

Among the protesters were local militia-men with assault rifles, Orthodox Jews performing prayers with the Tefillin and Christians passing religious text. The rally began around 2pm and was scheduled to end at 4pm, when Pro-Palestinian.

The 100th Pair: Chabad on Campus Tefillin Bank. By Sara Esther Crispe If there is one thing college students are notorious for, it is a lack of money.

5 students celebrate belated Bar Mitzvah at. Purchase of new tefillin was arranged by Sabbach with the help of the Chabad on Campus International Tefillin Bank.

Tomorrow the synagogue will host a morning minyan at 8:30 a.m. Bring your Tefillin and Talit. or clean plots at Baron Hirsch cemetery and donate food to the COJO food bank. The synagogue is located at 275 Martling Ave. in West.

The Shluchim Office is a Brooklyn, New York-based organization affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement. The organization was first formed in 1986 upon the request of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. The central mission of the organization is to provide support ,

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The students of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto have begun a worldwide Tefillin Bank,

May 29, 2017. The bank will use a new, sustainable distribution model conceived by Tefillin Bank of Africa founder Rabbi Dovid Wineberg of Cape Town, who operates the local bank under the auspices of Lubavitch Foundation of Southern Africa. Local sponsors will be involved as partners in the initiative, working.

When the Torah describes the hand Tefillin, it uses a singular term, 05 (sign); but for the head Tefillin, it uses a plural, totafos (remember). Thus, each of the four Torah paragraphs in the head Tefillin is written on its own scroll and inserted in one of four small compartments. These four. The Kushner International Tefillin Bank.

JRCC @ Rockford Rd. offers a variety of services and programs throughout the year in English and Russian.

Shanghai Jewish Centers is an organization which are invested in creating and sustaining communal spaces for the celebration of Judaism and Jewish culture.

Don't own a pair of Tefillin yet but are committed to donning them daily? Click here for more info.

In one moment, ultra- Orthodox Jewish worshipers chanted with tefillin — small black boxes containing verses. victory.

Mar 4, 2016. The students of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto have begun a worldwide Tefillin Bank, distributing free pairs of Tallis & Tefillin to whomever commits himself to put on Tefillin every day, regardless of his financial situation • The Rebbe's idea from 1967 is now mainstream • Read More. chabadinfo.com.

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Take a walk with me, past the entrance of Northern Trust Bank. You probably wouldn’t suspect that every. They are inviting folks to pray with them, to sing, to wrap tefillin. Walk west, and you come to the I AM Temple of the Society of.

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The crew learned after the plane landed that these were tefillin boxes worn during the prayer ritual. The men prayed aloud together in a language unfamiliar to the crew while wearing what appeared to be black tape and wires strapped to their.

The Jack Weinbaum Tefillin Bank. er.jpg Some 10 years ago Mr. Jack Weinbaum graciously offered to partner with each individual who would commit to embrace the fundamental Mitzva of Teffilin on a daily basis. Indeed, with the entry point for a quality pair of Tefillin beyond reach for some, a program of this nature is.

Over in the Jewish Quarter, in the square surrounding the gorgeous domed Hurva Synagogue, I encountered Rabbi David Stern, a Californian transplant who wanted me to put on tefillin. separating Israel from the West Bank. Closer up,

Tefillin Club is a monthly opportunity, for Jewish men and boys over the age of Bar-Mitzvah, to learn about, Ask us about our Mezuzah & Tefillin Bank,

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson in 1974 called for an initiative in which which every Jewish home would have a Mezuzah. Every Jewish home could be uplifted, and protected, spiritually and otherwise, with the observance and awareness of this defining Biblical commandment. * The Rebbe's.

Since the rebooting of the Shluchim Office’s Tefillin Bank, over 350 pairs of tefillin were distributed and over 100 new requests were fielded.