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(CNN) — Replique D’Amelio plays with her two children on their spacious lawn well aware the threat of foreclosure hangs like a cloud above the Wappingers Falls, New York home. D’Amelio, though, is confident she’s found a legal strategy.

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mortgagee. n. the person or business making a loan that is secured by the real property of the person (mortgagor) who owes him/her/it money. (See: mortgage, mortgagor)

It may also explain why no one in congress has bothered to investigate MERS and it crazy “paperless” system that these greedy mortgage executives invented so they could line their pockets by originating and flipping phony mortgage loans.

and use of MERS is in compliance with the purpose and intent of the state recording acts." It is not uncommon for residential mortgage loans to be sold to an investment bank, which then packages the loans in a mortgage-backed.

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For example, Kennedy’s $86,500 mortgage was made by Quick Loans. But he ended up making payments to Bank of America. Across the country, however, homeowners lawyers claim MERS muddies the legal ownership of loans. As a.

MERS, a unit of Merscorp Inc. of Reston, Virginia, owns the computerized registry, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. Mortgage loan giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and several of the largest U.S. banks established MERS.

and claims to hold title to about 50% of the country’s home mortgages. That’s 60 million loans. Founded in 1995 by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and big banks, MERS essentially replaced the nation’s centuries-old handwritten system of land.

A state appeals court last year had ruled otherwise, finding Bellistri didn’t need to tell MERS, a company that lets banks electronically register their sales of home loans so they can avoid trudging down to the county land-records office. The.

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Calling for an end to a controversial practice, the Virginia-based company that owns Mortgage Electronic Registration.

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Romaine’s move is part of a growing wave of serious legal challenges to MERS — moves that ordinary homeowners like Noreen and Kevin Tuminski are praying might help them in loan modification negotations when other options have.

MERS also stands for ‘Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.’ You may recognize it as the brand name for finding your mortgage loan servicer and / or the owner of your note. Know your mortgage servicer—that is who you should.

A deadly virus known as MERS-CoV has killed a man in Malaysia, while the Philippine health department has placed a migrant Filipino worker returning from the United Arab Emirates in quarantine after he tested positive for the respiratory.

Workers wearing protective gear spray antiseptic solution in a subway car amid rising public concerns over the spread of MERS in South Korea. Pic: AP. South Korean officials confirmed Wednesday that nine people have now died there.

the alleged loan servicer, and MERS, did not have legal standing to foreclose. (1) Citibank did NOT have physical possession of the promissory note, and (2) MERS never did hold the note. Reference Walker, Case No. 10-21656-E-11.

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for Lenders Lender Document Library. The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) has compiled the following library of documents and forms that a.

According to MERS and court records, the company’s electronic registry system works like this: When a bank or other mortgage lender loans money to a home buyer, two documents are obtained from the home buyer — a promissory note.

In broad terms, the suit alleges that the banks used MERS as a front for millions of home loans that made it easy to securitize the living daylights out of those mortgages. The AG further alleges that MERS has fraudulently identified itself.

A lawsuit Attorney General Jack Conway filed this week against a mortgage service company runs parallel to a suit Christian County has been. to call to request a loan modification or to defend the foreclosure.” Jason Lobo, MERS’.

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Since then, she has missed 34 monthly payments, and owes $99,000.87 in back interest. One of the complaints about MERS is that financial institutions that register loans with it can get their own employees designated as MERS vice.

The case alleges MERS of failing to keep records of consequent assignments of mortgage loans and recording payment of the filing fees. Co-defendants include Wall Street giants – JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Bank of America Corporation.

Three years after the mysterious MERS virus first emerged in humans, scientists and drugmakers say there is no excuse for not having a vaccine that could have protected those now falling sick and dying in South Korea. The facts behind the.

On its website, MERS says any loan registered on its system is "inoculated against future assignments" having to be recorded in county records because MERS remains the lender no matter how many times the loan is sold.

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